Asian Ban Asbestos Mission to Brazil 2019




In the aftermath of a historic decision by Brazil’s Supreme Court (2017) banning the commercial exploitation of chrysotile (white) asbestos, vested interests began a high-profile campaign calling for an exemption for asbestos mining for export primarily to developing countries in Asia. Appalled by the blatant double standards such a policy evoked, five ban asbestos campaigners from three Asian countries – two of which absorb ~80% of annual Brazilian asbestos exports – journeyed to Brazil in April, 2019, to entreat citizens, politicians, civil servants, decision-makers, Supreme Court Justices and corporations to respect the right to human life not only in Brazil but also abroad. During their trip, mission members explained the harsh reality of asbestos use in India and Indonesia where asbestos is used as just another raw material and personal protective equipment, fiber suppression measures and health and safety regulations are almost totally lacking. The background to this historic mission, statements by members, the events which took place and other relevant information are detailed in documents accessible from the links below.

Press Release. STOP Brazilian Asbestos Exports! April 21, 2019

Comunicados de Imprensa: Parem com as exportações de amianto para a Ásia!

The Asian Ban Asbestos Mission to Brazil 2019. No More Asbestos Exports to Asia!

Missão Asiática Antiamianto no Brasil 2019. Parem com as exportações de amianto para a Ásia!

Report from Asian Ban Asbestos Mission to Brazil April, 2019

IBAS blog, May 7, 2019: The Brazilian Association of the Asbestos-Exposed [Associação Brasileira dos Expostos ao Amianto]



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