Canadian WTO Appeal: Amicus Briefs 




The Amicus Brief Fiasco
(In advance of hearing the Canadian Appeal the WTO invites interested parties to submit amicus briefs - but there's a catch...)


Application to Submit an Amicus Brief
(This WTO document describes the procedure and critera for obtaining leave to submit an amicus brief.) [JPEG 198K]


Rejection Letter
(All applications are rejected and their authors receive standard letters giving the same 'reason' for 'failure to comply.') [JPEG 42K]

Some of the Applications

The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
(The ICFTU represents 126 million members.) [JPEG 150K]

The American Public Health Association (AMPHA)
(This Association represents over 50,000 public health professionals.) [JPEG 59K]

The Occupational and Environmental Diseases Association (OEDA)
(A long-established UK Charity with a particular interest in asbestos issues.) [JPEG 139K]

Joint Application
(A joint application made on behalf of six organizations prominent in the field of occupational and environmental health.) [JPEG 306K]

Professor Robert Lloyd Howse
(A respected academic, prominent in the field of international trade law, particularly WTO law. ) [HTML 19K]


The Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
(On rejection of their application the foundation seeks clarification from the WTO.) [JPEG 55K]

Standard Reply to Query
(The WTO returns a standard reply to the query from the above applicant.) [JPEG 45K]

Another Standard Reply
(It appears all requests for clarification are stonewalled.) [JPEG 49K]

September 3, 2001



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