Mobilization on India's Asbestos Threat 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



Experts who took part in the New Delhi conference Emerging Trends in Preventing Occupational Respiratory Diseases and Cancers in the Workplace last week warned of a catastrophe due to unfold as a result of India's increasing consumption of asbestos. Amongst the doctors and scientists taking part in this event were authorities from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia; Indian experts took the lead in presenting data on the history and consequences of the country's consumption of asbestos. Professor Dr. Qamar Rahman, a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences and Dean of Lucknow's Integral University, told conference delegates that the time had come for India to ban the use of asbestos. Dr. Rahman, who has documented hazardous exposures to asbestos in a range of Indian workplaces, highlighted the threat posed to future generations of asbestos-containing artifacts such as ceilings and storage tanks.

More information on the organization of the conference and the conclusions reached by delegates can be viewed in the following documents:

Press Release: India should bury asbestos, not people

New Delhi Declaration: Seeking Elimination of all forms of Asbestos including Chrysotile from India

Conference Brochure

March 26, 2011



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