Current Asbestos Bans 

compiled by Laurie Kazan-Allen



(Revised January 2, 2018)

National Asbestos Bans:1

AustriaFinlandJapanNew CaledoniaSouth Africa
BahrainFranceJordan2New Zealand4Spain
BelgiumGabonKorea (South)NorwaySweden
BulgariaGreece*Lithuania*Portugal*United Kingdom
Cyprus*IcelandMalta*Saudi Arabia
Czech Republic*IraqMauritiusSerbia

Singapore and Taiwan were removed from the ban list (Oct 2010) as a result of information received.
Mongolia was removed from the ban list (August 2012) as a result of information received detailing the cancellation on June 8, 2011 of the Mongolian Government's Resolution No. 192 banning asbestos which was issued on July 14, 2010.
Ukraine was removed from the ban list (July 2017) as a result of information received.


1 Exemptions for minor uses are permitted in some countries listed; however, all countries listed must have banned the use of all types of asbestos. Additionally, we seek to ensure that all general use of asbestos, i.e. in construction, insulation, textiles, etc., has been expressly prohibited. The exemptions usually encountered are for specialist seals and gaskets; in a few countries there is an interim period where asbestos brake pads are permitted.

2 An immediate ban on amosite and crocidolite was imposed on August 16, 2005; a grace period of one year was allowed for the phasing out of the use of tremolite, chrysotile, anthophyllite and actinolite in friction products, brake linings and clutch pads. After August 16, 2006, all forms of asbestos were to be banned for all uses.

3 In 2012 it was reported that due to lack of enforcement, asbestos-containing products were still being imported and used in the Seychelles.

4 New Zealand's 2016 ban prohibited the import of asbestos-containing goods unless a permit was obtained from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
Imports containing asbestos are permitted under EPA license if:
 - there is no other asbestos-free product available;
 - the cost of using an asbestos-free product would be significantly higher;
 - the product is to be used for research and development or training.
We are attempting (as of October 23, 2017) to ascertain how many permits have been issued.

* January 1, 2005 was the deadline for prohibiting the new use of chrysotile, other forms of asbestos having been banned previously, in all 25 Member States of the European Union; compliance with this directive has not been verified in countries with an asterisk (*). As of May 2009 there are 27 Member States, with Romania and Bulgaria joining the EU in 2007.



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