Support Quebec Asbestos Victims! 

by Laurie Kazan-Allen



L'Association des victimes de l'amiante du Québec (Association of Québec Asbestos Victims/AVAQ) is calling on Canada to abandon its veto of UN plans to restrict global asbestos sales. With an eye on a September 18 meeting in Geneva, AVAQ has embarked upon a letter-writing campaign to Canadian Ministers and federal politicians to raise awareness of the growth of anti-asbestos sentiment. In addition, a press conference on September 14 will alert the public to:

“the environmental situation in the Thetford-Mines area and the present opposition of the Canadian Government to the inclusion of chrysotile on the PIC list.”

AVAQ urgently needs the support of like-minded individuals and groups worldwide and requests that, in the first instance, correspondence be sent to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Health and the Environment (contact details plus a sample letter are attached). People with access to fax machines are advised that faxed messages would be the most effective; emails are a credible second choice. Journalists are requested to phone the ministers' offices.

Should correspondents wish to email their letters to the IBAS Coordinator, Laurie Kazan-Allen, she will collect and forward correspondence to thirty-nine federal politicians as requested by AVAQ. Letters sent by AVAQ, IBAS and concerned individuals to the Canadian Prime Minister as well as an article entitled Rotterdam Convention: Chrysotile Update can be viewed on this website.

AVAQ (Canada)
ABREA (Brazil)
B. Castleman (USA)
T. Devlin  (Canada)
M. Greenberg  (UK)
A.Higgison  (UK)
G. A. Madrid  (Mexico)
A.Thebaud-Mony  (France)
T.Whitston  (UK)
White Lung Asbestos Information Center  (USA)

Rotterdam Convention: Chrysotile Update


September 4, 2004



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