Monday, September 18, 2000
Teatro Municipal de Osasco
(Plenary Session):
10:00 Opening of Congress
Dr. Silas Bortolosso (Mayor of Osasco), Dr. Paolo Mascarino (Mayor of Casale Monferrato, Italy), Peter Skinner (Member of the European Parliament), Júlio Sebastião Fernandes de Carvalho (Mayor of Viana, Angola), Deputy Eduardo Jorge (Brazil), ABREA, BAN Asbestos Network and IBAS
11:00 Introduction to South African Photographic Exhibition
Thabo Makweya (Minister in Northern Cape Parliament, South Africa)
10:30 The ILO and Asbestos
Armand Pereira, Director, ILO Office for Brazil
11:50 Past, Present and Future of the Asbestos Struggle
Dr. Richard Lemen (former Assistant Surgeon General, United States Public Health Service and President of SOEH, Society for Occupational and Environmental Health, USA)
12:10 Joint Health Initiative: Mount Sinai Hospital-Osasco Project
Drs. Steven Markowitz and João de Souza Filho
12:30 Lunch
14:00-18:00 Poster Presentations
ABB Institute
(Conference Center):
14:00-16:00 Round-Table Discussion A: Strategies for Latin America and the Developing World to Ban Asbestos
Dr. Eduardo Rodrigues (Argentina), Lic. Eva Delgado Rosas (Peru) and Dr. René Mendes (Brazil)
14:00-18:00 Workshop A: Liability/ Compensation
Leonardo Amarante (Brazil)
Luisa Formato, Jock McCulloch and Robert Vojakovic (Australia)
Bob Ruers (Holland)
Fuyushi Nagakura and Shigeharu Nakachi (Japan)
Dr. Audrey Banyini (South Africa)
Colin Ettinger, Richard Meeran, John Pickering
and Geoffrey Tweedale(UK)
Dianna Lyons and Charles Siegel(USA)
Thomas Hart (Virgin Islands)
14:00-18:00 Workshop B: Epidemiology, Public Health and Sociological Research

Dr. Hermano Albuquerque Castro (Brazil)

Dr. Antti Tossavainen (Finland)
Prof. Benedetto Terracini (Italy)
Prof. Julian Peto (UK)
Drs. Peter Infante and Richard Lemen (USA)
Dr. Annie Thébaud-Mony (France)
Lic. Eva Delgado Rosas (Peru)
Public Health:
Dr. Mario Epelman (Argentina)
Dr. Yuji Natori and Sugio Furuya (Japan)
Dr. Daniela Degiovanni (Italy)
Dr. Domyung Paek (Korea)
Dr. T Jayabalan (Malaysia)
Dr. Metoda Dodic-Fikfak (Slovenia)
Dr. Sophia Kisting (South Africa)
Mavis Robinson (Asbestos Nursing Specialist, UK)
Teatro Municipal de Osasco
(Plenary Session):
16:00-19:00 Prevention: Asbestos Management, Identification, Maintenance or Removal, Contaminated Land

Dr. Barry Castleman
Role of Trade Unions

Nigel Bryson (UK)
A Program to Minimise Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Asbestos Cement. A Regulatory View of "Controlled Use"
Dr. Peter Infante (USA)
Exposure in Buildings:
Case Study (1): The Berlaymont – Are there Measurable Health Effects Associated with Work in a Building Containing Sprayed Asbestos?

Prof. Benoit Nemery (Belgium)
Case Study (2): The Removal of Sprayed Limpet Asbestos in Brazil
Eng. João Baptista Galvão Filho and Drs. Fátima Sueli Ribeiro and Eduardo Bethlem
Contaminated Land:
Case Study (1): Prieska and Kuruman, South Africa

Dr Sophia Kisting (South Africa)
Case Study (2): Libby, Montana, USA
Gayla Benefield and John Constan (USA)
Case Study (3): Antophyllite Mine in Brazil – The Case of Itapira
Rosana Pereira de Lima and Dr. Danilo Fernandes Costa (Brazil)
19:00 Performance by "Projeto Família Negritude and 100% COHAB"
20:00 Brazilian Cocktails and Press Conference
21:00 Conference Dinner

Tuesday, September 19, 2000
Teatro Municipal de Osasco
(Plenary Session):
9:00 Social Activism: How Collective Strategies of Resistance are Organized by Asbestos Victims and Anti-Asbestos Campaigners in Various Countries
Dr. Annie Thébaud-Mony
Brazilian Association of People Exposed to Asbestos (ABREA)
Eng. Fernanda Giannasi (Brazil)
Ban Asbestos Network Japan (BANJAN) and Japan's Citizen's Network for Wiping Out Asbestos
Sugio Furuya (Japan)
Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia, Inc.
Ella Sweeney (Australia)
Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia
Robert Vojakovic (Australia)
Casale Monferrato Asbestos Victims' Group
Bruno Pesce (Italy)
Dutch Committee of Asbestos Victims
Bob Ruers (Holland)
The Association of Asbestos Victims in Slovenia (ANHOVO)
Dr. Metoda Dodic-Fikfak (Slovenia)
White Lung Association
Jim Fite (USA)
The Manipulation of "Scientific Organizations"
Dr. Barry Castleman (USA)
13:00 Lunch
14:00-18:00 Poster Presentations
ABB Institute
(Conference Center):
14:00-16:00 Round-Table Discussion B: Asbestos Victims Speak-Out!
Eliezer João de Souza (Brazil)
14:00-16:00 Round-Table Discussion C: Trade Unions and Asbestos: Old Problems and New Solutions
Edison Luiz Bernardes (Brazil)
All the unionists present were invited to attend this meeting.
14:00-18:00 Workshop C: Asbestos-Related Diseases, Diagnosis, Pathology, Treatment and Experimental Studies (Gene Therapy) Coordinator:
Dr. Eduardo Algranti (Brazil)
Drs. Ubiratan de Paulo Santos and Hermano Albuquerque Castro (Brazil)
Prof. Benoit Nemery (Belgium)
Dr. Yuji Natori and Shigeharu Nakachi (Japan)
Dr. Domyung Paek (Korea)
Dr. T. Jayabalan (Malaysia)
Dr. Metoda Dodic-Fikfak (Slovenia)
Dr. Gurnam Basran (UK)
Drs. Steven Markowitz, Christine Oliver and Jerrold Abraham (USA)

Teatro Municipal de Osasco
(Plenary Session):
16:00-19:00 Compensation
Laurie Kazan-Allen
Personal Injury Compensation in Brazil (including Brazilian Cases Against General Motors and Saint Gobain)
Leonardo Amarante (Brazil)
Product Liability Litigation In the USA / Implications for Foreign Claimants
Dianna Lyons (USA)
How Does the French Legal System Compensate the Injured?
Dr. Annie Thébaud-Mony (France)
The Netherlands: Civil Claims, Compensation Boards and Government Awards
Bob Ruers (Holland)
Compensation for Asbestos-Related Diseases in Australia
Luisa Formato (Australia)
Compensation for Occupational Respiratory Diseases including Asbestosis in South Africa
Dr Audrey Banyini (South Africa)
Case Study (1): Hancock and Margereson vs. T&N plc - Landmark Case for Environmental Exposure
John Pickering (UK)
Case Study (2): Multinational Claims Against Cape plc by South African Workers
Richard Meeran (UK)
Book Launch - Dr. João de Souza Filho (Health Secretary, Osasco), Dr. Bernardo Bedrikow (Coordinator of Scientific Commission) and Dr. Diogo Pupo Nogueira (University of São Paulo) will introduce the release of a special conference edition of the book:
Victims of the Workplace: Breaking the Silence
by Carlos Aparício Clemente (Member of the Governing Board of the Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos de Osasco)
19:00 Brazilian Cocktails & Performance by "Projeto Família Negritude and 100% COHAB"

Wednesday, September 20, 2000
Teatro Municipal de Osasco
(Plenary Session):
9:00 Social-Medical Aspects

Dr. Christine Oliver
Asbestos Diseases

Dr. Gurnam Basran (UK)
Problems with Diagnosis and Recognition of Pleural Plaques as Occupational Disease
Dr. Jefferson Freitas (Brazil)
A Mesothelioma Project
Mavis Robinson (UK)
A Precautionary Program for Exposed Workers?
Prof. Benedetto Terracini (Italy)
A Social and Legal Role for Doctors of Asbestos Victims
Prof. Diogo Pupo Nogueira (Brazil)
Support for the Family
Rose Marie Vojakovic (Australia)
Just Transition: Safe Jobs, not No Jobs
Rory O'Neill (UK)
Asbestos and Profit:
Case Study (1):  Limpet: Spraying Ill-Health World-Wide

Dr. Geoffrey Tweedale (UK)
Case Study (2): Mining Asbestos in South Africa: Miners, Capital and the State
Dr. Jock McCulloch (Australia)
13:00 Lunch
14:00-18:00 Poster presentations
14:00 The Future

Eng. Fernanda Giannasi
A World Free of Asbestos: The Future

Eng. Fernanda Giannasi (Brazil)
Nordic Experiences After Early Asbestos Bans
Lars Vedsmand (Denmark)
Implications of The World Trade Organization Verdict for Public Health and Global Trade
Dr. Barry Castleman (USA)
15:00 Conference Debate and Resolution
16:30 Break
16:45 The Award Ceremony
18:00 Closing Session

Performance by "Projeto Família Negritude and 100% COHAB"