Asian Solidarity Delegation to Quebec, Canada: Archive List 



Updated Jan 7, 2011


Events in Canada
(Main events in Canada, with photos taken by delegation members.)

Mission Aftermath-Further Developments
(Repercussions and additional documents obtained after the return of the Delegation.)


Global Demonstrations
(Global support for the Delegation.)

(Some of the media coverage occurring before, during and after the visit.)

See also:

White Asbestos: Not for Us, says Asian Solidarity Delegation to Canada

Nowhere to Run - Nowhere to Hide

Stop the Mine!

Update: Indian Takeover of Canadian Asbestos Mine?
(by Kathleen Ruff, Rideau Institute)

Canada's Asbestos Schizophrenia
("Logical Insanity: Canadian Governmental Policy and the Case of Asbestos," is the title of a 2010 Major Research Project by Derek Spruce, a student in a Canadian Masters Program. The title aptly sums up the contents of this well-written examination of Canada's policy on asbestos, a substance it strictly regulates at home but carelessly exports to developing countries.)


December 16, 2010




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