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Mission Aftermath: Further Developments

Updated Jan 8, 2011
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Jan 8, 2011: Montreal Gazette article:

The continued sale of Quebec's asbestos is indefensible

Dec 15: Media interest continued in Canada after the departure of the Delegation. See, for example:

Lettre - Les dangers de l'amiante

Amiante - Un devoir moral

L'avenir de l'amiante au Québec - Un débat s'impose

Dumping toxique

Note: Following the Delegation's Press Conferences there was widespread media interest, particularly in Canada. It wasn't practical to record all the news reports, which were readily found through Google searches at the time. What follows is a cross section of the coverage during the visit.


Dec 9. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
CBC Interview: Tony Whitston (of Asbestos Victims' Support Groups' Forum, UK; interviewed during London demonstration)

Dec 9, 2010. Australia's ABC News: The World Today.
Protests against Canadian asbestos exports (Radio report by Meredith Griffiths with contributions from Kathleen Ruff, Dr Jeff Turnbill, President of the Canadian Medical Association, and Laurie Kazan-Allen)

Dec 9, 2010. The Lancet
Lancet Press Release Criticizing Canada's Stance on Asbestos (link to full article in press release now superceded by link below)
Lancet Online Article (announced in the above press release)

Dec 8. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
CBC Interview: Anup Srivasta and Jeong-rim Lee (Delegation members)

Dec 8, 2010. CBC News website
Que. [Quebec] asbestos exports should stop: activists

Dec 7, 2010. Toronto Star
Victims, activists urge Canada to stop asbestos exports

Dec 1, 2010. Industrial Minerals:
Jeffrey asbestos mine seeks lease of life in Asian cement

Nov 28, 2010. The Canadian Press:
Anti-asbestos delegation headed to Quebec to press Charest on mining issue

Nov 25, 2010. Montreal Gazette:
Asbestos dealer has 'clear conscience'

Nov 25, 2010. Montreal La Presse:
Amiante: des Asiatiques viendront protester au Québec

Nov 24, 2010. Financial Times:
Quebec asbestos project prompts safety protests



December 16, 2010




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